torstai 14. kesäkuuta 2018


I think that this country is beatiful. I see everyday something new and special things.
Icecream (fagylalt) is delicious and cheap. Dinner in our restaurant is so good and service too. We have been thinking about how much one person can get fatter during four weeks?
And now something about my job. I have seen how difficult it is to go out with a wheelchair, because there are no ramps or sluss strips on all crosswalks, shops and restaurants... For example at small underground stations there are no elevators available and therefore not accessible. But with a humour and finding idea it works fine.
Special thanks to our teacher Kati who visited us from Finland!

Jos jostain ollaan syöty, niin jätskiä!

unkarilaisten käsitys pannukakusta. On muuten hyvää langosia.

Mojito-kakkua, muuten ei olla alkoholiin koskettukkaan.

Tonava-risteilyllä opettaja Katin kanssa. Oli hienot maisemat.

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